MCLEAN BOWMAN RANCH is a historic ranch having been in the continous operation by the same family since the 1930’s. Here you can step back in time and enjoy the decades old tradition of hunting the South Texas mesquite thickets and river bottoms that are so vast and mysterious that even the guides don’t always know what to expect.

We are a hunting organization specializing in hunts for experienced hunters looking for large, free roaming bucks on large acreage. We cater to groups of eight hunters or individuals. We are located in Dimmit County, which is one of the best counties in the Golden Triangle of South Texas for large whitetail bucks. This year we will be offering to discerning hunters desiring excellent accommodations, food and camaraderie, the MCLEAN BOWMAN RANCH WHITETAIL HUNT PACKAGE.

The 2017 package will be a 4 day hunt for $3,650.00, which includes a buck scoring up to 135 gross B&C score, and a second buck under 115 B&C score ( guides choice if available. ) Two does, two hogs, and 1 javelina are included in this package. There may also be a chance at a third buck from our ranch shoot off the list prices if (available.) Hunters wishing to go over the 135 gross B&C score will have Trophy Fees by the inch added to the base price of their hunt.