Hunt Packages


The 2017 package will be a 4 day hunt for $3,650.00, which includes a buck scoring up to 135 gross B&C score, and a second buck under 115 B&C score ( guides choice if available. ) Two does, two hogs, and 1 javelina are included in this package. There may also be a chance at a third buck from our ranch shoot off the list prices if (available.) Hunters wishing to go over the 135 gross B&C score will have Trophy Fees by the inch added to the base price of their hunt.

Base Price of Package Hunt: $3,650.00
Score inch’s Trophy Fee

135 to 150 = 15” x $100.00 an inch = $1,500.00

150 to 160 = 10” x $200.00 an inch = $2,000.00

160 t0 170 = 10” x $300.00 an inch = $3,000.00

170 to 180 = 10” x $400.00 an inch = $4,000.00
180 to whatever is $500.00 an inch

The MCLEAN BOWMAN RANCH has been under an intense management program for over 35 years. We have also been under a LEVEL 3 MLD PERMIT for the last 15 years. This means we
tag all deer taken on the ranch with MLD PERMITS. You do not need to use your tags from your hunting licence, just have a valid hunting license when you show up at the ranch. We specialize in-group hunting of up to (8) hunters at one time.
All hunts include food, lodging and guiding. There will be 2 hunters per guide on rifle hunts, unless other arrangements are made before the hunt to be one on one. There is an extra charge of $100.00 a day for this option. A rifle and bow hunter will have one guide, but two
bow hunters will have to take the one on one option and split up with two guides with the extra $100.00 a day for the extra guide. Another unique feature we offer on a limited basis is by paying the extra fee for one on one guiding ($100.00 a day) a hunter may bring with them on their hunt one of their children (between 8 and 15 years of age) at no additional charge to their package. The youth is encouraged to hunt the low-end buck but not the trophy buck.

We also have a limited number of turkey hunts available in the spring

MCLEAN BOWMAN RANCH adheres to the following reasonable rules and policies. If the hunter passes on a buck in his or her category and does not find another buck, then the passed up buck becomes the package hunt buck. In regard to the judging of score, hunters may request opinions from the guides, but in general a hunter is expected to pay for what he shot. A wounded buck (blood , bone, or meat ) is considered to be a dead buck and will be charged accordingly as though it was harvested. The guides will determine the score. All decisions related to the hunt are made by the guide are final.
We take the aging of bucks very seriously, meaning that a buck has to be first judged by the guide to be eligible.


We provide a full-service hunt. Lodge, meals, guides, bedding, linens, and towels. Guns or binoculars are not provided; however, guns can be arranged for with proper notice. Capering and quartering is included. If you wish to do the cleaning yourself a cold storage facility and freezer are provided. We do not ship capes, meat or horns.


Everyone’s safety and wellbeing is our #1 goal. A Guest Release must be signed before you are allowed to hunt. Drinking of alcoholic beverages while hunting is not allowed, MCLEAN
BOWMAN RANCH reserves the right to not allow a client to hunt if client is judged by his guide to be intoxicated or not of safe mind and being.


Guide’s tips are customary, at 10% of total hunt (base fee plus trophy fees)
$3,650.00 base + $500.00 trophy fee = total hunt $4,150.00 = tip of $415.00

Cook/cleaning tips are customary, between $50.00 and $100.00 per hunter


All hunts are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.
A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Deposits are non-refundable, unless the hunger can be replaced at full price. We will hold your reservation for no longer than 14 days without a deposit. Balances are due at the end of the hunt, plus any trophy fees that may occur. CASH or Travelers checks are the preferred method for the final payment of your hunt. Tips and animal care are strictly cash only. NO PERSONAL CHECKS will be accepted.


For clients that fly in we do not provide airport shuttle, unless other arrangements have been made, you will have to rent a car. Clients that are driving in or flying in should schedule their arrival at the ranch no sooner than 12:00 noon and 2:00 p.m. the day of their hunt.

We look forward to seeing you this upcoming season,

Mclean Bowman